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The Japanese auto makers are the ones that started the import tuner craze. I for one have gravitated from the old school muscle cars to the asian imports. Japenese cars tend to be smaller in dimensions. I like that. They also offer good bang for the buck. These cars are more affordable when it comes to performance modifications that are aimed at horse power improvements and handling.

I personally own a Honda Prelude and a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. My Tiburon will out corner most cars with just the addition of Tanabe Sustec DF210 Super Low Down Form Springs and Centerline Racing forged aluminum wheels. The tire size is 225VR 45/17. The stock struts and anti-sway bars are adequate. The down side of Tiburons are that just about any Honda will take it in a straight line. These cars need a supercharger.